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The chaplaincy program is an optional service introduced into our state school to provide students, staff and parents with support which may have a faith-based or spiritual component. Our chaplaincy service provides an additional adult role model in our school. Our chaplain participates in the life of the school. Besides being involved in camps, social events and with students at break time, our chaplain has also assisted the implementation of personal development programs.

Whilst personally modelling and owning their faith and belief, our chaplain avoids any implications that any one religion, denomination or other set of beliefs is advantageous or superior to any other denomination, religion or belief.

Our chaplaincy program complements other support services in the school such as those offered by the Guidance officer, but it is not a counselling service. While our chaplain does not refer to external agencies he does report issues of concern to the principal and the principal is responsible for external referral processes.