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Our prep program is based on the Australian Curriculum and features:

  • a balance of direct instruction, guided instruction, independent learning, and practice
  • large group, small group, and individual instruction, discussion, and collaboration
  • a variety of assessment and evaluation techniques to inform program planning and instruction
  • the integration of phonics and word study in reading, writing, and oral language instruction
  • an uninterrupted literacy and numeracy  block each day
  • parental and community involvement
  • high-quality literature and levelled texts
  • a variety of genres, narratives, informational texts, and electronic media
  • authentic and motivating literacy experiences and learning activities
  • interventions for children who are at risk
  • a supportive classroom culture and environment that promotes higher-order thinking skills
  • guidance, coaching, and feedback for children
  • effective classroom organization and management
  • activities that provide opportunities for students to demonstrate understanding, procedures, problem solving and communication.
preps in class