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japanese symbols

​Japanese is the language other than English taught at Carina State School. The program operates for students in Prep to Year 6.

By the end of the program students engage in tasks that are tightly scaffolded and sequenced, focusing on high-frequency formats, more for comprehension than production. Students respond nonverbally or reiterate utterances that are drawn from frequent and consistent teacher modelling. Students rely on explicit contextual clues for comprehension.japanese symbols

Students interact with texts marked by highly predictable text structure and with simple, repetitive sentence structure and vocabulary. Content of texts is familiar and accessible with some explicit sociocultural content.

Students read texts in hiragana that contain only a few ideas and are supported by clear and frequent visuals which illustrate these ideas. Students listen to texts that are appropriately language-rich but heavily dependent on context for understanding.

Students produce texts of a few words in hiragana and a few turns in dialogue with the audience mainly confined to peers.

During the program the students will explore the culture of the Japanese speaking people.